HotSpot Software

HotSpot Software

If you are looking for software that allows you to control as well as bill your internet usage customers, you will need HotSpot Software. Once you know how it works, you will see the absolute magic of hotspot software.

You see, if your customers have not already paid you for time, then as soon as they try to get online, they will be automatically redirected to your own login page. There they will be given the choice of signing in or pay for their internet access. You may also program it to automatically log in your customers who have remaining time and quotas.

That’s not all that the software does, it also controls uploads, downloads, and keeps track of visited pages, time usage and data transfer if you’ve given them bandwidth quotas. In addition it also blocks what you have judged to be inappropriate content too.

Thus, as you can see HotSpot Software is actually a billing software that will run on your own Windows PC. The beauty of it is that it can control totally unlimited user accounts, as well as displaying data to your customers on your very own self-branded pages.

You will always get to keep 100% of your profits no matter the size of your business, whether you are a global ISP or have a singular WiFi access point!

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HotSpot Software Suitable For Different Business

No matter what business you may be in, HotSpot Software will soon become a necessity for your business, as the wireless internet grows. As it can easily be seen, as laptop prices have decreased, the need for WiFi has grown exponentially and will grow even more. With technical advances you can now realize much greater efficiency and substantially higher profitability as well.

Overnight Guests. For instance, if you currently own a hotel, motel or some kind of resort, today every one of these is expected to offer wireless Internet for its guests. Using Wifi HotSpot Software is the only way to go, as it includes system monitoring to keep children away from sites they should not be visiting. This is a great advertising tool for the hospitality business.

Cyber Cafe or Internet Café. HotSpot Software is an absolute necessity for such a business so that you can utilize the business coming off the street for those who have their own laptops with them, rather than having to utilize yours. This allows you to expand your business, and it’s a great way to test for perhaps a larger HotSpot business.

Computer Kiosks. These kiosks can double their business by offering HotSpot Software to take advantage of multiple users rather than the one user working in the kiosk.

Public Transport. The largest use of laptops is in Cruise ships, terminals and of course airports. As usage grows, so will your profits.

Healthcare. The entire healthcare world is now turning to WiFi in order to keep track of patients, offering totally secure access to Doctors as well as those taking care of them. Even the critical patient information needed for those patients is now kept on these internal computers.  Many patients now bring their own laptops, and they expect to have connections so that they can continue to be productive even in the hospital.

Conference Centers, Coffee Shops and Restaurants. These businesses have found that by offering free HotSpot software, and even some paid internet access, people flock to their businesses so that they can work while they eat. This means more food orders to those businesses as well as generating a lot of increased traffic to those restaurants as well as getting repeat customers too.

Educational Institutions. Of course the majority of educational institutions now provide WiFi HotSpot software access for their students, however if you own a small school or perhaps a neighborhood lending library, do consider getting HotSpot Software to rake in those additional dollars.

HotSpot Software Benefits

The Antamedia HotSpot software benefits are absolutely myriad. Once you see this amazing breakdown, you will understand why it’s the leader in its field.

Fast Return On Investment (ROI). Your accountant has probably warned you about return on investment, stating that any investment you make to better your business income better have a fast ROI. Well, with HotSpot software you will see lightning fast ROIs and keep your accountant happy!

Easy User Interface. Nothing is more aggravating than having to install something that is utterly complicated to the user who is not a computer savant. This interface is very easy for you to configure the Internet controls you wish, and best yet, it will work with your existing access points, routers and computers!

Customer Account Activity: All businesses who either charge or provide free HotSpot software for Internet access wish to make sure that children are not accessing adult sites, as well as making sure that their accounts are not being used for nefarious purposes. Thus you will be able to watch all your online activity with each customer using your access.

Absolute Control. You will want absolutely control with HotSpot software of either wired or wireless computers using your access, thus it includes any smart phones and other such devices.

100% Profit. Whereas some other software will take percentages of your credit card transactions, HotSpot never does, in fact it will help you to accept 70 different payment gateways, such as PayPal. Profits are yours to keep, and you may even print your own prepaid tickets via your printer if you so desire.

Control Free Or Paid HotSpots. If you wish, you may offer free trial services, or ask customers to pay for only additional data transfers, or higher speeds. It will be up to you whether you limit their time, logins, length of time between logins, data transfer periods, or just about anything else you wish to control.

Instant Control Of Late Payers. A customer who is late with a monthly payment will find that upon trying to log in there will be a notification of nonpayment on the screen instead. Once payment is received, you easily relinquish control once more.

Multiple HotSpot Locations. If you have more than one location, you will be able to use the same database server and share the user account among all the locations free of charge.

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