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Free HotSpot Software Features

There are a number of totally free hotspot software available. Granted a great amount of them are only introductory offers that allow you to “try” the product for 30 or 60 days, but you can also find the truly free ones if you search diligently.

Of course the problem with free hotspot software is that you do get what you pay for. As in all things though, if the thought of paying for it to garner extreme quality is not something you need, then you will be able to utilize the free ones.

Negative Features

With some of the free hotspot software you will NOT be able to:

  • Accept payments through credit card payments
  • Accept payments through PayPal
  • Use unlimited computers/devices (unfortunately, many have limits)
  • Utilize redirect pages
  • Manage revenue sharing
  • See a printed out purchase report
  • Utilize a personalized start up page

Additionally there is some free hotspot software that requires you to purchase supplementary equipment through a particular vendor only in order to get the software. These include such items as routers, additional computers, etc. Some software is available to run only on the type of routers sold by particular vendors only. Also, there are some free hotspot software programs that require you to pay a monthly fee for support after installation, which although the software is free, continued support is not.

There are a number of free hotspot software programs that utilize different languages, some of which cover at least 10 different languages. However since being able to offer the internet connection in different languages is important, be sure and choose to either pay for the software, which will bring you almost unlimited languages, or be sure and choose free software that covers the majority of your possible users.

Compliance With Anti-Terrorism Laws
Because some of the anti-terrorism laws require the owner of free hotspots to maintain logs of their users as well as what sites they visited, if you need to comply with such laws, be very careful that for example, the software forces users to authenticate themselves via SMS. Not all software will comply with such laws.

It is really best to pay for the Hotspot Software than to choose a free hotspot software.

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