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4 Top WiFi Hotspot Software

If you are looking for software in order to have WiFi at your hotel, motel, restaurant, or other place of business you will need to choose carefully to be sure that you have all that you envision, of course. Different WiFi hotspot software for different needs, is a complete requisite.

The 4 top WiFi hotspot software is presented here in alphabetical order:

wifi hotspot softwareAntamedia HotSpot Software – Recommended
Totally Windows-based this extremely powerful WiFi Hotspot software will greatly help you to control and bill your customers for their internet usage, doing so with no client software installations necessary. What happens is that customers will be redirected to your particular login page where they must enter their valid username and password. Becomes a veritable moneymaker if you accept credit card payments, which the software is capable of handling for you through its 70 major Internet payment gateways that even include PayPal. This means that it is totally suitable for:

  • Internet cyber cafes
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Airports
  • Hotspots
  • ISPs


It  is completely free HotSpot Software that allows you to instantly create wireless hotspots. It does require a wireless router, or a WiFi card. With it, though you can actually run your own totally free or even a commercial wireless hotspot network. That means that you may generate any local wireless communities that utilize forums, chat or boards, and do so with or without the internet service. Additional features include:

  • Control shared bandwidth
  • Split your ISP bill
  • Share broadband service

Guest Internet Solutions
This is the lowest-cost approach to provide managed Internet access for hotel lobbies, coffee bars and restaurants. This hotspot software provides choices of 10 login page designs, or if you prefer you may upload a page that contains your own branding. It is extremely low in price because it is limited to 10 simultaneous clients. Additional features are:

  • Optional login page customization
  • Login page advertising
  • Disclaimer agreement by means of built in editor
  • Can be linked to your web site home page
  • Login access code generator
  • Login code usage reporting
  • Automatic access code recycling/removal

These specialize in the outdoor hospitality industry, such as mobile home parks, RV resorts, campgrounds and also marinas. With onsite services, this company is big on physically evaluating their customer’s needs. They will perform analysis of existing WiFi bandwidth, as well as look at the infrastructure. Following this, they will produce the network design, as well as the services plan for the hotspot software. In addition they then make you a custom budget proposal, and even deal with quality continuity as they perform network transitions. With regard to their software, it enables:

  • Custom branding
  • Coupons
  • Email communication
  • Messaging in WiFi servicing

Now you can choose WiFi HotSpot Software based on your need or you can free trial Antamedia Hotspot Software.

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